“Time Is Up” by Poppy (2018) – Music Review (and more!) by TheLiteraryEdd.

Titanic Sinclair, Vaughn Oliver, and Poppy did an extraordinary job working together on this. They coordinated a lot of themes that go together with the frames you see in the video itself. For example, the blue pill you notice at 1:12 may represent an idea not unlike Morpheus offering the blue pill to Neo in The Matrix.


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Bright (2017), a movie review by TheLiteraryEdd.

“The savagery was appreciated.” Halfway through the movie is where things get pretty interesting. I noticed that everything before, aside from the Elf city, is just… dim. However, I’m guessing this was to make the drama more immersive? I’m not sure. I just know that I had to maximize the brightness and turn the volume up on my device to watch this movie made in a dark room… Forgive the poetry, now onto the review.